Material Required:

Fabric of your choice: 
Length: Double the size of the pillow + four inches
Width:   Width of the pillow + two inches
              Needle or sewing machine

For 12" pillow use length: 24" + 4" = 28" fabric
                                width:   12" + 2" = 14" 

Hem the width edges

Mark the fabric at 6," 12" and then on 8" and lay it flat good side facing yourself. Fold the fabric at 6" mark on one side and fold the other side where 8" mark is; the fabric will overlap.

Now stitch the open ends that are the length of the fabric. 
This is how the finished sham without a stuffed pillow will look like.
Ready end product on the front side.
Ready end product on the reverse side. 

One down four more to go. May be this year DG will finish this whole project for a change but then it will change her name. Let it remain LazyDG...


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